Data Entry Services

We also bring to you data entry services for your business needs. Our data entry operators provide fast service to all the sectors namely healthcare, medical, bank, tax, clinical, legal, financial services, insurance and other sectors. If you hire us for these services, you can stay assured about our consistent quality, cost effectiveness and prompt service delivery.

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While offering you with our data entry services, we take care of all security measures for these assignments. Our data- typing operators have fast and accurate typing skills. We use reliable data entry tools for these services.

The following data entry services we offer to our clients

  • Online
  • Offline
  • Epub
  • Magazine conversion
  • Xml conversion

Online data entry

In present day, everybody is focusing on fast growth. If you take all the responsibilities including data entry jobs, your business schedules will become burdensome. On your behalf, we will heartily take this responsibility in our shoulders and we will support you with online data entry services helping you take quick decisions for your next move. Therefore, you are getting lot of time to take future decisions of your business.

Offline data entry

We understand the usage of data. Looking through huge data is a difficult job to reach a conclusion. Our data entry operators will sincerely offer these services to you maintaining high speed, accuracy and ease of understanding. Our plethora of offline data entry services include URL list collection, offline data collection, offline form filling, offline data capture, e books entry, offline entry of insurance claims and others.


We proudly offer epub service to clients associated with publishing industry. Today the demand for e books is rising because many readers prefer to read books through their gadgets. Through our epub service, we will set the page of ebook in such a manner that it will display as much contents as it will fit in the screen of any gadget. The readers can easily read ebooks without straining their eyes.

Magazine conversion

We convert all types of magazines into digital versions. By doing this, you can avoid stock piling of magazines, maintaining a clean ambience of your living room or work place. If you want to search any particular issue, you can find it easily from backup archive.

XML conversion

We offer XML conversions of your business data to publish on web. In addition, the data converted into XML format require less storage. It is economical and easy to handle. You can create large files through this format. It also supports non-printable characters.